Monday, December 1, 2014

RPGaDay #1: First RPG Played

So, my first role-playing game I ever played?    As with all vague and annoying people, I shall give two answers.

My first experience with the GM-Player dynamic with role-playing was Model Club at Easton Area Middle School.  After a lull of putting together a Warhammer (the mech not the GW line), I got to talking with my friend Charles and he offered to show me what it was using Battle Road.

 Battle Road was an "Adventure Gamebook" which meant it was a Choose-Your-Own Adventure format book, but some decisions were left to driving and gunnery checks, which required a die roll. About as a basic a concept that could be done (and tons of requisite flavor text), but I was slowly hooked.

The first "real" RPG I played was June of 1989.  We had just finished 9th grade at the "Intermediate School" and finally got to go to the high school the following September.  My friend George had an end of school cookout of some sort and the game was Paranoia.

Charles ran the game with George, Scott, and myself the players.  Details are sketchy, but I remember being a Commie but somehow I only burned two clones!  LE-R-OY became LE-O-OY a session or two later.

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