Monday, December 22, 2014

Pig Wars 4th Edition Now Available in Print!

I've only ever played in one Medieval/Dark Ages minis game, and that was Pig Wars back at Cold Wars 2002.  I enjoyed it so much, I snagged a copy of the (2nd Edition?) rules at the dealers hall.

Yes, I used to be waaaaaay more impulsive.  Before wives and kids.

Truth be told, I've never played another game of it, although I know it's still sitting in my drawer o' random wargaming books.  That being said, I have no problems celebrating Pig Wars 4th Edition becoming available in print!

From the blurb at Wargame Vault:
Why fight for love? Why fight for money or glory? Why not return to an era when men killed each other for something really valuable: farm animals! Pig Wars, 4th edition is an easy set of miniature rules for man to man combat in the ancient and medieval periods and is intended for individually mounted figures (base size is not important). Suggested unit size is 20 figures for foot and 10 figures for mounted with, in most scenarios, each player commanding 1 unit. Suggested unit compositions for 11th century Norman, Viking, Saxon, Irish, Welsh, Byzantine and Arab commands. The graphics are vastly improved over previous editions with lots of color pictures of nicely painted figures on the table-top. 4 scenarios are included: "Landwaster Commeth" a multi-faction 11th century mix-it -up where each faction has differing objectives. Also included is "Hastings: Last Battle of the Dark Ages", "Romans on the Rhine" a 1st century AD Romans vs Germans fight and (new) "Pigs in Greece" a 5th century BC Greco-Persian encounter. Of course, rules for flaming pig attacks are included. New material includes 2 user-created modules: A Dash of Saga which adds Saga and Norn cards that bring about events on the battlefield reminicent of the Icelandic sagas (think bloody). Also new is the Pig Wars Late Medieval Variant with rules and suggested unit compositions for the 14th and 15th centuries. By the author of Age of Reason/Napoleon/Discovery, A Firebell in the Night, Warfare at Sea in the Age of Reason, Samurai Knight Fever and Iroquois Terror. Continuing online support will be provided.
Note to owners of previous editions: the actual text of the rules haven't changed from previous editions except the addition of 1 new rule which randomized the intervals between the reshuffling of the player's cards rather than waiting until all cards have been played.

It's great to see a new edition that is more a reprinting than a major revision.

While the pdf version is available at Wargame Vault, the first place that announced they have the hardcopy was On Military Matters

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