Tuesday, December 16, 2014

RPGaDay #16 Game You Wished You Owned

When I did the Twitter version of #RPGaDay, I picked Teenagers from Outer Space as my game I wished I owned.  No reason except that it would be inspiration for Illuminati University.

The difficulty is figuring out if there was a game that I wished I had and I DID NOT ALREADY OWN.  Since I've been know to cycle my collection faster than milk at a supermarket the day before a blizzard, this is easier said than done.

Despite going through the List of Role-Playing Games on Wikipedia, I couldn't find anything new  I wish I had a copy of .  Then I remembered that I do have another item for pre-order at the FLGS.

A hard-copy edition of Dagger.

Despite the measely $1 price for a pdf, I do want a physical copy in my hands, no matter how small it is. 

The kids picked up the concept of 5th Edition D&D pretty well (with Ponies), so using this for straight fantasy should be a cinch.

I also discovered Adventures in Oz.  Once pay day rolls around, I might download a copy of that .

And for the record, the games that I once owned and might wish to get a second copy would be Space: 1889, Recon, and Castle Falkenstein.

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