Sunday, December 14, 2014

RPGaDay #14 Best Convention Purchase

Here's a fun fact that I didn't realize until today's topic came up:  Almost all of my conventions purchases are either (a) card games (b) board games or (c) auction purchases that I mine for material and throw back into the auction a few cons later.

I can only recall buying two RPGs.   I snagged up Mouse Guard at a Mepacon a few years back.  We've only played one game of it, but I believe it was a great value (especially versus the current boxed set).  The other was Battlelords of the 23rd Century - 2nd Edition (1990)

I've discussed this before on my post about Lehicon IV, but I got commandeered into one of Larry Sims' games Saturday night at Lehicon, and I had no issue dropping twenty bucks for the softcover rulebook. 

Over the years I have played Battlelords a couple of times, and even ran it once.  I enjoy crunch in large doses, but the editing of every single edition of this game is so convoluted , that we would be looking up modifiers and various rules on a regular basis. 

Still, it had Eridanni Sword-Saints, Cizeraks (large sentient felines with weapons systems strapped to their back, Phentari (who loved the taste of human flesh), and the mascot of the game, the Ram Python.  The Ram Python's motto was "If it moves, kill it.  If it doesn't move, pick it up and kill it."  So much could be broken down to D&D in Space and the system was crunchier than a day-old cookie, but the book just evoked FUN, and usually that's the first thing we're looking for in a game.

I know they're working on another edition, and I know that the pdfs of the last edition are available at, but I got rid of this edition a loooong time ago, and I'd like to have it back. 

Time to scour e-bay...

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