Tuesday, December 2, 2014

RPGaDay #2 First RPG Gamemastered

Ah, my first time gamemastering...  

I'm certain many of you cut your teeth behind the screen with starter set scenario, or possibly some item you thought was total awesomesauce when you wrote it without referencing  the rule books for anything. 

I'm some where in between.  My first time gamemastering was T1-4:  The Temple of Elemental Evil

But it's in a good school district...
Second Edition AD&D had just come out and I had barely convinced every to come over to the dark side and try out the new system. Until then, our group had been staunch Basic/Rules Cyclopedia/Classic D&D guys, so for some, the lateral transfer to advanced was me with great grunting and sighing. 

I had little concept of actual character interaction = role-playing, so most of Homlett was a bust.  In fact, if I remember correctly, the group skipped the moathouse completely and marched off to Nulb. 

T1-4 took a good portion of the summer. We didn't get down as far as the elemental nodes, but the levels one through three of the temple were pretty much cleared out.  We moved onto some Dungeon adventures and everyone left Greyhawk as mid-level adventurers. 

And that's my story... until I realized that it wasn't my first time GMing. 

It was actually a year earlier, where I ran Gygar's Castle out of the Mentzer Red Box for a classmate named Paul.  I remember little of it, except that I put lots of lizards in the lower levels of the dungeon.  We never played again after that one time, so it was pushed into my subconscious.

Elemental Evil vs. one-player one-shot?  You can see why my brain chose that one.

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