Wednesday, December 10, 2014

RPGaDay #10 Favorite Tie-in Novel/Game Fiction

Game fiction.  The bane for those were perfectly happy running a campaign using the base information, only to have some author's ego upset the balance of power for future supplements

I never got into the Dragonlance books, Forgotten Realms was a joke and let's not get into the "official" fiction lines for games such as Vampire.  The only fiction line I regret not reading is the Battletech line, and only if I had played more of not only the game, but the Mechwarrior RPG. 

Even as a Talislanta fan, the Tales of Talislanta fiction collection published by WotC was nothing more than an afternoon of amusement.

Which leaves me with only one choice, very similar to Day 1 of this:

I have a tough enough time reading books I want to read on the subjects I know I love, much less someone else's fiction based on a campaign world that I already have a specific world-view.  At least a sourcebook on the matter is a bit more matter-of-fact, even if I don't like the direction the book goes.

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