Thursday, December 18, 2014

Merry Wishlist Everyone of Us!

Yesterday was just one of those days.  I dedicated eight straight hours to a single report, and when that was done, I was met with a cryptic phone call from my wife, "Send me your wish list!"  A few minutes of fumbling around between my blog list, my Amazon list o crap, and my needs from the hardware department at Sears netted a little more info. 

"I'm at the game store, hurry up." 

Ultimately the Amazon list made it to her and she may or may not have placed a special order scant days before Christmas.  The only one harder to shop for than me might be my wife, and she sent blatant hints this year. 

Joe from Emerald Vale got high marks for professionalism and empathy from my wife.  She also got the skinny on the store moving!  It looks like zoning issues will prevent them from converting the former tattoo parlor into gaming rooms, so they'll eventually be moving a quarter mile or so down the road into an adjacent  property to my family doctor. 

Excitement for Christmas... And the future!

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