Saturday, December 6, 2014

RPGaDay #6 Favorite RPG Never Get To Play

Let's be honest here, it hasn't been the Golden of Age of Gaming (aka High School) for twenty-plus years.  I'm lucky if I can pull a half dozen sessions of any RPG, so this beggar can not be too choosy.

Of course the title "Favorite RPG Never Get to Play" is just vague enough that I'm going to leave two answers with different criteria. 

If I got the chance to play the RPG of my choosing, we'd be playing Talislanta

Funny thing is I have a complete set of pre-d20 Tal books, and the last time I played in the world was before d20's creation.   Tal was a happy interruption using the converted D&D characters from my college game while we were on Summer break.  It was a short but epic quest to find a way back to their world. 
The thing with Talislanta is that I would have to run the session, regardless of edition.  If I wanted to be a player, I would be demanding Battlelords of the 23rd Century
I'm due for a single session to keep me going for another decade.  It's that middle ground between Legions of Steel and Rifts, with a healthy dose of number crunching and player vs BM (BattleMaster) conflict that would be a welcome alternative to anything current. 

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