Thursday, December 4, 2014

RPGaDay #4 Most Recent RPG Purchase

After a complete shutout at Mepacon's auction last month, it was safe to say that my Most Recent RPG Purchase would go back to Ripples from Carcosa.  

I had already acquired enough "Fun with the King in Yellow" with the Tales from the Crescent City Kickstarter, but this is a much more novel concept:  Three separate scenarios, one for Invictus, one for Dark Ages, and one for the End Times, are inter connected but can stand alone by themselves. Tie that in with the author of the book is Golden Goblin's own Oscar Rios, and it's a beautiful addition to my bookshelf.  So beautiful, in fact, that my FLGS ordered it for me twice, by accident.  Oh well, it's time for them to build their role playing section.

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