Friday, December 19, 2014

Gifts for the Magic Player in Your Basement

It's interesting to see Magic: The Gathering articles pop up on my Google news feed.  The latest to come up covered Christmas Gifts for Magic: The Gathering fans on Etsy.

Wow, have things changed in 20+ years. 

Back in the early days of Magic, as I sat behind the counter of a store and moved product like a UN relief truck delivering supplies to a typhoon ravaged city, there were limited options for the person whose family member played Magic, all basically stocking stuffers.
  • Packs and Starter Decks: always good choices, but everything's fine until the Shivan Dragon got mixed in with the wrapping bag for the garbage.
  • Dice/Counters/Beads
  • Scrye Life Counter (by Reaper) a huge seller for us back in the day. The first version came in some horrible finishes, including blue and green. I was always partial to the copper myself.

  • Khalsa-Brain Spellground:  Before deck protectors were all the rage (and tournament legal), the only thing that separated your cards from a slimey tourney table was a Spellground.  Amusing thing is, they are still in business, although they are only doing print-to-order.

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