Saturday, December 13, 2014

RPGaDay #13 Most Memorable Character Death

As much as I lambast those who fret about "game balance" I certainly don't want to throw my players (or my self) into a death trap.  As a GM, I do my best to give my players the most opportunities available to defeat an overpowering oppenent.  As a player, I do my best to avoid any situation that even hints at a single death, much less a TPK.

In my much more storied career as GM, I must admit the Death of Echellon/Death of Talis story arc is tops.  The current Cthulhu group is really trying their best to outdo it, though.

My experience with a death of a personal is extremely limited.  Playing it safe usually creates a low risk/low reward scenario, and I'm fine with that.

Over a decade ago, when the infamous Dr Bob wanted to get a Call of Cthulhu game started he ran a one shot game, set in 1920's Easton. 

Our intrepid group of college students and female companions were driving back from Bethlehem on some backroads when a severe downpour forced us from our convertible to the shelter of an abandoned house.  *Dun Dun DUNNNNNN*

As we investigated our leaky but stable structure, we kept finding creepier and creepier things: creaking floorboards, skulls, gnawed bones, and a (fully alive) hobo that had the same idea as us.  While we were partially separated throughout the house, the "owner" began stalking us.  Somehow all of us (hobo included) managed to escape the house into the now-steady rain.     The one student tried to fight it and failed miserably.  One of the co-eds got to the car, only to have it not start.  She too had a revolver, and rolled a 00. 

My guy was the only athlete in the group, and managed to run away a good distance.    It appeared that my mouse would elude this mysterious cat, but it was all a ploy.  I was struck down mere feet from the first real house on the backroad.

The (kung-fu) hobo? He eluded capture and his current whereabouts are unknown.

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