Thursday, December 11, 2014

RPGaDay #11 Weirdest RPG Owned

I'm a weird guy.  I like weird games.  Even my serious role-playing has a healthy dose of the eccentric in in. 

As much as I'm a HUGE fan of Illuminati University (IOU) and the sheer absurdity it creates, one game in my possession blows that out of the water.

While I must admit that I've never played a game of HōL, I've seen simply outrageous games conducted at cons that would make the worst game of Cards Against Humanity look like a Bridge game for retired nuns (Atomic Waffle Irons go where?)
How have I used it?
It's where I go when I want IOU to go dark... or cosmic.   My IOU group was forced to deliver the frozen corpse of Elvis to HōL, and it was not a pleasant experience.  Hopefully, they won't piss me off again. 
Then again I do have HōL stats for The King

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