Saturday, December 27, 2014

RPGaDay #27 Game You'd Like to see an Improved Version of

In this new-fangled world were pdfs can be posted online almost automatically, and people have enough disposable income to buy an rpg line just to reprint it, there aren't many games I'd like to see a new or improved version of a game. 

But there's one glaring omission:


An RPG dedicated to the classic Saturday morning cartoons, just with the serial numbers filed off.  Zany hijinx? Gratuitous (but not permanent) violence?  Anvils falling from the sky?  All are covered. 

The material is universal enough, and the system elegant enough to accomodate non-gamers and even kids in a purely fun setting.  There may be dark moments in a game, but the session should be as light-hearted as possible.

We've used Toon for "straight" cartoon games, holiday games more akin to Rankin-Bass specials than direct-to-DVD fare, and, of course, we've been quite successful with our "Cthulhu Comes to Springfield"  game. 

I don't know why Steve Jackson Games stopped printing it, especially with multiple supplements out for it.  Here's hoping in the age of OGRE and Car Wars making a comeback, some of the products relegated to the fourth tier see the light of day again as well.

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