Sunday, November 30, 2014

RPGaDay for December

Back in August, someone on Twitter was supporting #RPGaDay in honor of GenCon.  Thirty-one different RPG questions over thirty-one days.

I had a million different things happening in August, so there was no way I was going to do full write-ups on my blog and Tweet for the program and not feel guilty that I missed the first nine days.

So now, I'm pleased to announce my attempt at all 31 days for December.   Of course, from day 10 on in August I tweeted my answers.  I'm assuming most of the answers are the same after four months,  but I'll be able to expand on a few specific entries. 

I'm also labelling these as part of my 12 Days program I do each year around Christmas. These posts will get a morning time and regular posts, such as painting or hobby news, will get posted in the afternoon.

Hopefully I'll steal another person's idea for holiday post-filler for next year.  *fingers crossed*.


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