Thursday, January 15, 2015

Green Bay Packers Have Wood for Catan

As a New York Giants fan that can celebrate more Lombardi Trophies than we probably deserve, I had no horses in this weekends NFL Conference Championships.

I believe the Green Bay Packers get the nod, if only for their team-building game night, per this Wall Street Journal article.

A few quick comments: 

First off, anytime the NFL can shed their hustler/murderer/wife beater image of the select few the 24-hour news cycle wants to harp on, it's a great thing.   An NFL playbook is far more complicated that the rules for Settlers (even with all the expansions tacked on), plus we are dealing with college-educated men.   While some leave college early, most have legitimate degrees from respectable institutions.  More than half of the stars from the football factories burn out in just a few years, yet a surpising number of those that have long term success come from the Morehouse States, Southern Chattanoogas, and Mississppi Valley States, as well as some pretty obscure Divison II schools.

Second, if I were to guess the team for this article, between location, weather, and the organizational structure, it would be Green Bay.  They're classy like that.  The Colts

Third, offensive lineman rule! 

Fourth, the Green Bay gaming shop is Gnome Games.  Perhaps they should work with the players for a few complimentary copies of games in exchange for continued publicity?     Regardless, one of the better store websites I've seen.

Five, as a father who is stuck with Candyland, Trouble, and Don't Rock the Boat each night, board games rock.


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