Thursday, January 1, 2015

New Year, Old Projects

The Holiday #RPGaDay is over! Happy New Year!

I am very happy that it finally concluded, as well as happy that I started the whole process days before.  Some of those posts were simple links or reposts of topics I have previously covered, but some of them require a bit more time than I had available to me.

Although the pace of the workday tailed off in December, the hours have not.  Between family commitments, kid's activities, house projects, and this little thing called Christmas, I barely had time to go into the basement to discover that we were almost out of heating oil, much less relax at my table and paint something.   

My gaming season ends in September, so I had already plotted out plans for New Year.   But that won't stop me from putting up three gaming-related New Years Resolutions:

  1. Paint More:  The Board hasn't shown any progress since I posted about it.  For a blog originally dedicated to Gnome Wars and miniatures, I've been sorely lacking any painting.  Here's to starting small and finding some motivation for gaming somewhere in the process
  2. Role-Play More:  It took a weekend getting caught up with the Miskatonic University podcast and rediscovering my audio recordings of my Mask recaps I did while driving home from each session to remind myself how much fun role-playing is.  And not just Cthulhu.  I have had enough "local" gamers talk about a game that I might need to dip my toe in the water for something weekly.
  3. Play With the Kids: It might just be the drain from work's busy season, but I'm not doing enough fun stuff with them... AT HOME.  Maja breaking out Trouble last weekend was exactly what I needed from an over-long holiday with the family.  We still have a pile of boardgames in my trunk that Santa never got to put under the tree.    Going through #RPGaDay did remind me just how good TWERPS would be for them.  Perhaps I should photocopy some sheets and run the Scuba diving encounter from the Basic Rules.

.... and I'm not even thinking about Battletech... yet.

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