Monday, January 5, 2015


Thought I forgot about Gnome Wars, didn't you?  The table is clean and I'm organizing post-holidays, so the though of starting up the the second half of the Tanga game came up (along with the Astro-Surfian Campaign, and the Rommel Campaign).

Still looking for gnome civilians, and  I almost found some with  Lead Adventure Miniatures Tostlings

The first two City Tostlings are rather pedestrian, but the other three are absolutely wretched.   If I were looking for Gentleman Oompa-Loompas and a Saloon girl, this would be great, but otherwise it's a sad case of what could have been.

The County Tostlings are the complete opposite.  Every sculpt is perfect, with it's own uniqueness and personality.   The female figures begin to fill a huge vacuum in that category, and I can imagine the other three driving around the back of a truck, defending the streets of Tanga.

Each set is 15 Euros (S&H not included).

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