Sunday, January 4, 2015

I Love Hearing Myself Speak

I'm usually one that's a step tome two behind on the technology curve.  Part of that of that is largely a fundage issue, the other is the old fart adage that I'll look into it once they clear up all the bugs for the first generation on products.

That being said, I'm happy my wife upgraded my phone for Christmas. 

Sure, it's an iPhone 6- something or other.  After three years with the last one, I had finally maxed out its memory a week before the new one's arrival.  Here's hoping I can't max out 64 gig on this model. 

With extra time off from work, and waaay too much sit around the house with the family and do nothing time, I did download Gameof War.  You know, the one with gratuitous amounts of Kate Upton in the ads.  Nice mixture of Civilization and Age of Empires in a MMORPG platform.  A week later and I'm already at the point where the designers want you to drop cash to keep production levels at the "instant-gratification" level. Sorry, but I'll be happy to drop in daily to update things rather be slowly lose interest.  As I always say, I'm not the demographic. 

Regardless, here's the City-State of Neffs own hero, Hoyce!

Another feature of these silly phones that I'm learning to appreciate is the voice memo.  I've used it previously to record the last two Cthulhu recaps, and I just got around to listening to them to help type up Actual Plays 21-24 (Coming soon!  Honest!)

On the drive home Friday night, I finally made the realization that voice memo is indispensable between work and home.  I do some of my best mad scientist thinking in my 20-30 minute commute and the chaos of the office/home tends to wipe it from my memory.  A little "note to self" isn't a bad idea.  

One of my seasonal workers this Fall took this to the extreme.  He was a actor/director in a local theatre and we'd catch him all throughout the day mumbling thespian notes into his little battery powered tape recorder. It wasn't even his most annoying trait (and he had a few to choose from).  So long as I don't fill up my 64 gig with memos, I'll probably do better than him.

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