Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Finally Visiting Watery Depths

You would think that two weeks of Winter vacation would net some extravagant family gaming, but it was not the case.  In fact, up until the this past weekend, all we put together was some kickass puzzle time and a single game of Trouble.

Saturday I threw caution in the wind during a break for another tedious "cleaning" session and threw a blank grid in front of Maja.  

It was time to play TWERPS (The World's Easiest Role Playing System).  

With Maja the Scuba diver all set up with her only stat (Strength: 5) and an unnamed Scuba companion, we delved into the Watery Depths.  

I cut out all the bad role playing opportunities from the 2nd Edition and stuck with the first's premise:  sunken ship, lost treasure, sharks.

The duo had an easy time dispatching the sharks, but had a heckuva time getting the "solid gold" kitchen sink, needing both to help and both almost running out of air!

I'll be revisiting TWERPS for other opportunities soon.

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