Saturday, January 3, 2015

(IOU) Milktruck Mastodon

This week's Risus entry is Milktruck Mastadon, Hard-Rockin' Caveman from the Future, as described on during one of the Snake Ganhdi threads.  Driving around in a vintage Milk Truck, Mastodon woos stay at home moms and lovers of dairy alike, but he's not afraid of a fight or three.

He's only made one appearance, in the most recent episode when the group fought German Nihilists.

Milktruck Mastodon
Caveman from the Future! (4)
Hair Metal Afficiando (3)
"Sensitive" Milkman (2)
Unable to Pass a Driver's Test (1)

Equip:  Large Club, Late Model Milktruck


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