Saturday, January 24, 2015

(IOU) Wasabi Jones

Wasabi Jones
Funk Guitar Player on Comeback Tour (5)
Fast-Ass Mofo from Japan (3)
Sympathy for Orphans (3)
Die Hard Reagan Republican (1)

Injected with the DNA from Zombie Jesse Owens. 

Enemy: Snake Gandhi (8+ on 2d6)

Equip:    Funk Guitar, oversized headband
Wasabi Jones has been one of our long-running characters in IOU.   Formerly a Washed-Up Funk Guitar Player on a Comeback Tour (4), I've always pictured Wasabi as a black guy with an offensively outrageous Japanese accent.  Throw in some Reaganomics to insult conservatives and he's one of the larger pleasures of the campaign. 

You would be surprised how often Sympathy for Orphans can be used to his advantaged during a game about college, but it did also prevent him from destorying the Antichrist in one session (Per the holy book of the Bloodhound Gang, the Antichrist is Emmanuel Lewis, aka Webster.)


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