Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Putin on a Bear vs Gnome Chomsky

While I have a disdain for most internet inspired catch phrases, I'm not embarrassed to say that some days are full of win.

Monday gifted me not one, but two doses of awesome that are appropriate for this blog.

While that is the one that's burning up the internet, I'm more intrigued by their Garden OM! series of meditating garden gnomes.

Gnome Chomsky looks to start at $75 unpainted and the meditating gnome starts unpainted for $26.

In other news of the awesome, a company in Russia is producing shirtless Vladimir Putin action figures riding a bear.

Details are sketchy on this one, as it is a Russian company, but if one can use a Thor action figure to represent the God/Deity unit, Shirtless Putin needs to be used for a modern Russian army.

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