Thursday, January 26, 2017

Captain Larry's Fate - A Savage Showdown Vignette

Captain Larry was a fair man.  Choosing between making money and doing a good deed (while making money), Larry chose the latter, rendezvousing with starlet Ruby Diamond to aid her escape

The good Captain was the last line of defense as the starlet's entourage made it onto his ship.  As he tried to dive into the water to catch the vessel, only to catch two bullets in his back. 
Somehow, Larry managed to avoid drowning and bleeding out, bobbing through the water.  He washed up on a beach far from the desert town of Soahi.
 As Larry woke up on the beach, he was wracked with pain and dying of thirst. 

He stumbled into the jungle, looking for some natural cures and fresh water.  He found a trove of mild anesthetic plants right near a bunch of bananas that had fallen from a tree.  Larry pounded the plants against the bark and shoved the mess into his wounds.  Finally getting some relief, he grabbed a banana and savored every bite.

As he reached for a second banana, something grabbed hold of his hand.  Scrambling away, Larry stood mere feet away from the largest elephant he had ever seen!

Larry unwisely tried to make a run for it....

 If not for a few well-place rocks, the Captain would have been trampled for sure. 

As all hope seemed to dwindle away, a high pitch whistle screeched through the jungle and the elephant stopped in its tracks.   Two women emerged from the trees, weapons at the ready.  
Sensing that the stranger was more in danger than a danger, they handed him a canteen.   They introduced themselves as Julie from the Jungle Patrol and Hayden, a Big Game Huntress.  The stationary elephant was Julie's pet, Mungous, and Larry had happened to interrupt his lunch. 

The lady adventurers took Captain Larry back to the Jungle Patrol shack for food and medical attention. 

Once recovered, Captain Larry told the duo his story.  Despite just recently returning from Sohai, Julie agreed to escort him back to the desert town... just in time for Christmas.

Good natured Captain Larry wanted to return... for revenge on Lt Colonel Thaddeus Ovaltine and the local gangs of Sohai.

After Maja selected Captain Larry as one of her characters for the Christmas game, the inevitable question came up, "How did Captain Larry survive?"  With the fate of Christmas at stake, there was no time for a long story during that game, but we did break out the Rory's Story Cubes later to figure out specifically what happened.  I'm very happy the girls picked an elephant for the surprise monster, rather than dinosaurs (they're coming soon enough).   This also creates a back-up plan, just in case the adventurers for "Season 2" all get eaten in the jungles of Africa.  Between some of the "tougher" female heroes on the docket, plus more sailors to order from Pulp Figures, a possible Season 3 could get down and dirty... and vengeful.

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