Tuesday, October 25, 2016

(Savage Showdown) #10 Don't Miss the Boat

Ever since the film crew for the latest feature, Witness of a Hero descended upon the sleepy village of Sohai, there had been nothing but trouble.    First, crazed fans and corrupt soldiers tried to kidnap the film's star, Ruby Diamond.  She escaped their clutches, but her trusted driver, John Partridge, was killed.   Then, Ruby's dog, Rosie, went missing, and there was a running fisticuffs in the streets to find it and claim the reward.

The man who found Rosie was Lt Col Thaddeus Ovaltine: treasure hunter, archaeologist, and leader the Rough 'n Ready Riders mercenary company.    He was also the man primarily responsible for Miss Diamond's kidnapping attempt.  He had narrowly escaped capture in the attempt, but his Riders had all either been killed or run off.   Being fabulously wealthy had its privileges and he managed to purchase the service of a few disgruntled government troops to rescue. 

The reward money was chump change for such a wealthy man, but Ovaltine finally had an opportunity to meet his beloved face-to-face.   The starlet had no idea that her puppy's savior was the same man that tried to kidnap her (botched Notice roll), but no sooner had Ovaltine started to spew romantically about how they were mean to be together (botched Persuasion roll), than Ruby called for her bodyguard and dashed off to film her last few scenes. 

Even with government troops on his payroll, Ovaltine couldn't get near Miss Diamond again, thanks to her own batch of easily bribed soldiers. 

With filming complete, it was time to leave, but the film's producers soon discovered that the nearby train station and rural roads were swarming with too many bandits and scoundrels for even their own private army to handle. 

Enter Captain Larry.  He had participated in the dog hunt for the money, but he also had a slice of decency inside his cold heart.  He let the film know, that his ship's services were available to get Miss Diamond out of town discretely.  The retired mobster, Gerald the Saint was further employed to walk Rosie for a few nights, until one night, he didn't return with her, instead taking her to Captain Larry's ship. 

Under cover of darkness, Ruby and local hero Ted Mosby, Aviator, slipped out of the hotel and made their way to a small shack, where they would wait in safety until Captain Larry made to signal to rush to the boat.    Rush might be an overstatement, because a girl in heels can't run, and a fairy lady such as Miss Diamond wouldn't be caught dead running.  The crew had their work cut out for them.

Ruby and Ted started at the small shack (upper left) and needed to board the ship (just past lower right) to succeed.

The crew of Captain Larry's ship (and Rosie) started on the docks.
Turn One:  As the sun began to break the horizon, a single flare was shot into the air.  Captain Larry had arrived.   His men stormed the dock and advanced into the desert to meet their objective.  Ted and Miss Diamond walked with flare, purpose, and a desire for cover.  

Morty:  "Sumthin's out der!"
The duo could hear group quickly moving towards the shack.  Ovaltine and his men on payroll had discovered the plan and were making one last try to nab her!

Turn Two:  The sailors had bigger (and closer) fish to fry, as a small horde of  locals came barreling out of the dunes.  The rumors of the actress' late-night disappearance formed liquor-aided worries than the film company was ditching town without paying many of the locals that had been hired as extras.  Seizing Ruby would guarantee payment, one way or another. 

For Ted Mosby, Aviator, a quick shot fell one of Ovaltine's men, but a strong desire for survival forced him to hide within what little cover was available.  

Angry Extras
Turn Three:  Ovaltine's new men proved to have little mettle in this endeavor, as a few shots by Ted and sailor Old Pete froze them under cover of some palm trees.  The other sailors proved less than reliable.  Morty, packing a Tommy Gun, sprayed a wall of bullets at the locals, but couldn't injure a soul.    The locals returned fire, and if not for Morty's chronic back problems, which kept him hunched over, the sailor would surely be dead (a benny to soak all the damage may have helped as well). 
Almost there, Miss Diamond...

Turn Four:  The locals seized the initiative and charged Captain Larry, Morty, and Redshirt Lance.  Each was wounded, but held their ground.

The locals charge.
Turn Five:  Ted and Ruby dashed off closer to the ship, just in the nick of time,  as Ovaltine finally convinced his men to charge out of cover.  The Lt Col sprinted in front of his and tried to take a pot shot at Old Pete. 


*click click*

Despite an opportune shot, it appeared that he had forgotten to load his rifle AND bring any ammo along.  His sidearm would have to do. 

Back with sailors, blows were finally landing.  Captain Larry clobbered one man, Redshirt Lance a second, and Morty shook off his attackers, took two steps back before leveling his Tommy gun, and wiping out all but one of his attackers.

Morty tries to clear the board

Turn Six:  With Ted and Ruby under cover and rushing towards the ship, Ovaltine's men turned their attention on the sailors.  No sailors meant the starlet wasn't going anywhere.  A few quick shots fell Morty before he could turn around and fire, while three soldiers and one local jumped on Captain Larry.    Wounded, and against overwhelming odds, the captain slugged two into submission, forcing the other two to flee. 

Captain Larry - Undaunted!
Turn Seven:  Ruby Diamond made it aboard, and the other sailors quickly followed suit.  The locals routed and the Ovaltine's men found cover and took some useless pot shots at the boat.  Mission accomplished!

Turn Eight: Only, it wasn't.  Ruby Diamond quickly realized that Captain Larry wasn't aboard.  She screamed his name as the other sailors shoved off into safer waters. 

But Larry would make one last valiant effort to reach the edge of the water, before two shots hit him in the back and he collapsed into the water. 

The fate of Captain Larry:  Unknown.

As it has become SOP in the games with my daughter, Maja, even with bonuses.   The sailors pulled a Joker for initiative, earning them a +2 for all the units actions, a roll on the Fortune and Calamity chart which netted them an increase to a skill or ability (Maja wisely up shooting to a d8), and in a hail of gunfire and dicerolling, she accrued a mountain of misses, and the few that landed didn't do enough damage to rip a sheet of paper.   The good news was that my futility was even worse, forcing Ovaltine's men to freeze and overwhelming numbers of the locals to achieve little. 

But the three part story of Ruby is over, with her on her way back to Hollywood, and perhaps a leading man role for Ted in his future.  Ovaltine will sulk, but soon be back to his dastardly ways. 

And Captain Larry?  He may return, depending on plot convenience.  

Maja, Triumphant!
As with many of the "Egypt" games I play with my daughter, this one was wildly influenced/inspired/stolen from Preacher By Day's game of the same name. 


  1. Ha ha! I thought I recognised the plot. Nevermind, Hollywood does it all the time! Lots of fun reading how your game panned out!

  2. *Whew* Between you and Tim at http://saskminigamer.blogspot.com/ , I have a ton of inspiration, all to be tweaked by two little girls.

    Your Sinastra IV game may re-appear as a Reaper Mousling Fantasy campaign, hidden assassins and all.