Thursday, October 27, 2016

(TBT) Historicon '99

Over the last 20 years, I've moved a grand total of seven times.  Despite my best efforts to reduce or at least organize my stuff over the years, when combined with my wife's piles, has created a hoarder's tornado of crap in our garage. 

It's gotten better over the summer, and every once in awhile, a real gem appears out of a box. 

Today's artifact:  the Historicon 1999 Preliminary Event List (PEL) that was still mailed to my mother's house. 

I can't imagine the cost for mailing a 52-page booklet to all the previous attendees, but that was still the rage back then. 
With a Napoleonic theme, it was no surprise as to what was filling the pages.    I had just started attending the HMGS (East) Cons two years prior, so I was still dipping my toes into historical wargaming.  Interestly enough, the event titles I had highlighted in a now-fading yellow still line up with the events that pique my interest today.  Boxer Rebellion, Russo-Japanese War, and a few head-scratchers into AWI and Ancients. 
There were plenty of seminars (sponsored by The Couriere), yet a good number of fantasy/sci-fi/pulp games.  Not as high as the current cons host, but enough that I imagine the grognards harrumphing their way past numerous tables.
Pre-Register today!
It's interesting that there's Children's Room with an appropriate $5.00 registration fee.  The room was open from 10am  to 4pm Friday and Saturday, where kids could play games with other kids, learn to paint, and stay out of Dad's hair while he played in a lunchtime session.   I do prefer the kid's getting in for free and play with Dad/Mom model they currently have.   Even in a kid's-only game in the HAWKS room, I get just enough free time to go to the bathroom, grab food, and maybe do a quick perusal of the flea market while my daughter plays, and I'm okay with that. 
Of course, no PEL would be complete without a GM Event Form in the back?
Note the last line...

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