Monday, October 3, 2016

I Ain't Dead Quite Yet

Despite my statement yesterday of not expecting a lot of activity for this month, October has already been rather productive.

While my wife took a all-day bus trip on Saturday to the Meadowlands for the Notre Dame-Syracuse game, my friend Brian came up and we had a mini game-a-palooza. 

We finally got Episode #9 of the Savage Saga of Maja Millie in, while teaching Brian the basics of Savage Worlds/Showdown.  Maja enjoyed an extra player in our game, even if the bad guys apparently won. Write-up and pics forthcoming. 

Beyond our pulp game and a lot of catching up, we got THREE other games in.

We cracked open Brian's copy of D&D Assault Wing and we had a quick Blue Dragon vs Red Dragon throw down. Hate to say it, but I much prefer the naval tactics of the Star Trek version over the fantasy. 

I also broke out some Arcane Legions figs and two Reaper Avatars of Sokar to finally try out Of Gods and Mortals. Somehow I've missed the failure/reaction mechanic in all my readings, and while that makes for a much better two player game, it puts a dead knell into my idea for Cold Wars.  The most recent delays from the Reaper Bones 3 had already put a lot  of doubts into my ability to paint everything up in time, but I've still got a ton of mice to paint up for Mepacon. 

Finally, we whipped through a quick game of Santa's Bag with Maja.  It wasn't an epic Call of Cthulhu game, but I'm quite sure that Brian's had his fill of that indefinitely.

Today begins my hell-season at work, so I have considerable doubts I'm going to get much blogging in, much less games. Everything points to Things evening out in November and back to back convention weekends with Fall-In! and Mepacon. 

My to-do list for October
1.  Finish my Hackmaster conversion of the first Burning Trogs Redux adventure.
2.  Savage Showdown Episode #9 write-up.
3.  Call of Cthulhu Episode #38 write-up
4.  Mousling Scenarios for Mepacon
5.  Toon characters for Mepacon
6.  Two new Toon "episodes" for Mepacon. 
7.  Sci-Fi Martian Quest #3 game and write-up 

Only three big posts that I can say with some certainty that they'll get written, but there is one big thing that trumps them all:

Paint a million freakin' Mouslings for Mepacon!!!!

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