Tuesday, October 4, 2016

(Savage Showdown) #9 That Silly Dog

The desert town of Sohai was already a busy place with a movie filming right outside its borders and a Hollywood starlet residing in its swankiest hotel. 
However, disaster swept through the film crew and the town's citizenry, as it was discovered that acclaimed actress Ruby Diamond's dog Rosie had turned up missing!  News of a substantial reward for the return of her pet sent numerous "search parties" to the far reaches to find the dog.
The dog was spotted in the wee hours of the morning, in a deserted bazaar.  Three groups were the closest.
On a quiet, pre-dawn morning on the streets of Sohai, a dog does it's business on an obelisk
#1 -  Adventurer and archaeologist Maja Millie had teamed up with Ruby Diamond's saviour, Ted Mosby and two locals.  - Run by my daughter, Maja.

#2 - Lieutenant Colonel Thaddeus Ovaltine and three corrupt government soldiers had escaped the kidnapping attempt of the starlet and decided to join forces to capture the dog, split the reward money, and give Ovaltine another chance to woo Ms Diamond.  Run by my friend Brian

#3 - Captain Larry and his sailor bros were in it for the money, but knew that Ovaltine was up to no good.  Run by me!

Special Rules:  Numerous sacks, crates, and containers lay scattered across the board.    If a figure got within an inch of the item, they could make a random skill check.   If successful it was a one time bonus, with a raise it was a permanent bonus towards capturing the dog.

Turn One:  Rosie was chasing her tail around the obelisk which allowed Maja Millie's and Ovaltine's group to move up quickly.    Captain Larry recommended caution, but his sailors didn't obey his orders.   Morty the Mook dashed over to what obviously was a pile of kibble and tried to fling a sack over his hulking shoulder.   Perhaps the kibble got in contact with water and became extra-heavy, perhaps Morty didn't lift with his knees. Perhaps the dice gods rolled catastrophically, but within seconds, Morty was laying on the ground clutching his back. 

Morty, asking for improved chiropractic care on the crew's health care.

Turn Two:  Maja Millie was renowned in these parts as being a fast runner, and her fleet footedness allowed her to run up behind Rosie the dog. 
"Here puppy puppy."
Rosie was startled by the sprinting human and was just about to dart off, when out of nowhere, Lt Col Ovaltine and a big sack of dog treats (+2 permanent bonus) appeared.  

"Milk Bones for my Beloved's canine..."
Turn Three:  Ovaltine's government allies tried to get in position to run interference with the other groups.  Two soldiers got into it with some of the sailors, while the other tried to nab Maja Millie.  The archeologist was too nimble for the native, and with a juke move, evaded capture, hooked a leash onto Rosie collar, and began to drag her towards the table edge. 

Maja Millie steals the dog away, only to lose it seconds later.
The dog's carefree nature hindered Maja's natural speed, so it was easy for Ovaltine to run alongside them, and with a slash from his long knife, cut the leash. 

Turn Four:  Captain Larry had finally managed to race across the street, and watching the dastardly Ovatline's deeds first hand, drew out his revolver and leveled it at the Lt Col's head.

*click*  *click*

"That's the last time I give Morty the job of loading me revolver...."     

The soldier finally caught up to Maja Millie, stopping her from her pursuit of Ovaltine, but earning a knockout elbow to the nose in return. 

"Quick somebody stop him before he ..."
Turn Five:  Captain Larry couldn't keep pace with Ovaltine, and his futile throw of his empty revolver only managed to knock off the Lt Col's sun hat.    Ovaltine successfully threw the bag of dog biscuits ahead of Rosie to encourage her to move faster.  No one was able to catch him... 

Except for the two locals helping Maja Millie.  Both came dashing out of different alleys and tried to gang tackle Ovaltine. 

They missed, only succeeding in colliding into each other....

"... nevermind."
Thaddeus Ovaltine gets the reward money (split four ways among the soldiers, he is a man of honor), as well as a chance to woo his beloved Ruby Diamond.  What will transpire during that meeting?  You'll need to stay tuned for Episode #10, coming soon!!!!

Some unfortunate initiative orders and short rolls for the random movement for Rosie ensured that the game devolved into a miniatures version of Fumble Rumble... with a dog. 
No real dogs were harmed during this game.

This scenario was directly inspired/borrowed/stolen from Preacher by Day's AAR: That Darned Cat.

Next:  Episode #10:  Don't Miss the Boat

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