Friday, October 28, 2016

(Painting) Trees and a Mouse

While I managed to keep my normally prolific post rate on the blog and snuck two pulp games into an normally chaotic month, my painting has suffered.    With Fall-In! in a week and the mouse fantasy games for Mepacon in two, it's crunch time in the Kriget Rum. 

Here's the pathetic output thus far this month:

First off, I keep finding (#%!%!!@ trees to paint up from the dinosaur and toy soldier playsets.

I believe that all cheap, plastic terrain has been painted up. 

With the bevy of mouse creatures to paint for Mepacon, it's pretty pathetic that I've only knocked out one of the easier ones, a lone  Mice Warrior from Eureka.

A bad size comparison between an old crouching Grenadier fig and the Mice Warrior.
Next:  A few critical Mouslings for the con game, a pulp figure or two, plus more Blue Martians!

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