Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Mousling Stats for Savage Worlds

As I'm working on the two scenarios for the Savage "Kids!" Mousling games, I figured I would set up the racial template for

More Mouse than Creature:  Mouslings are allowed one free edge, just like humans.
Nimble Creatures:  Mouslings navigation of the forest allow them a d6 in Agility rather than a d4.
The Mouse Nose Knows:  The Mousling Sense of Smell gives +2 to scent-based Notice rolls.

Tiny Legs, Tiny Feet:  Mouslings small stature allow them only a base pace of 5.
Only so much strength in such a small body:  Mousling characters must spend two steps to raise Strength during character creation and must use two advances to increase Strength during play.

Savage Worlds offers a variety of benefits and penalties to create a race package. I stuck with the one free edge, as they are still quite human in attitude. I do want to work through with the Mousling Knights and Barbarians to ensure the Strength restriction doesn't hinder them too much.

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