Tuesday, October 11, 2016

(Kickstarter) KODT Chibis, Now With a Life Counter

I've already mentioned the Impact Miniatures KODT Chibis earlier this month, but something got added that even made me pause and reconsider it.

Besides the Knights of the Dinner Table and other available Chibis they produce, Impact is also offering a resin, double-sided life counter with a slot base for a figure for an additional $9.

Coming from the early heydays of Magic, I love a good life counter, and the ability to mount a Teflon Billy to keep track of my life in a game of Spelljack is almost too good to pass up. 

Almost too good, for the Kickstarter for Song of Blades: Axe and Brimstone just wrapped up this morning, and my gaming budget is full of halflings, which if they arrive on time, reduces my wife's shopping list for Christmas.

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