Sunday, October 16, 2016

(Kickstarter) Reaper Bones 3 Delayed Signficantly!

Just as I was thinking that my Reaper Bones 3 Rewards could fill the spot of Christmas gifts so my wife doesn't have to suffer through a non-gamer shopping nightmare, news comes of a significant delay. 

The project was already hitting manufacturing and shipping snafus, as the Chinese manufacturer valiantly struggled to produce 2.4 MILLION units and ship them in a business environment that saw the world's largest container ship company file for bankruptcy.  Still, with all these issues, my original September arrival date was slowly pushed back week by week to look like late November/early December at the latest.

Then came word at the end of the week that the communication with the Chinese company was garbled at worst, misinterpreted at least. Items that had originally been believed to be pending a container were in fact, still in the queue waiting to be manufacture.  Delivery of the final pieces would be on the water "shortly before American New Year".  This means, at best, product for the initial waves wouldn't reach homes until late February at the earliest.

I'm not mad by this predicament.  In fact, it puts a huge burden off my shoulders of assembling a mousling/frost giant game for Cold Wars in March. 

I think I figured out the kid's game for Fall-In! next year.

Here's hoping the Song of Blades: Axe and Brimstone Kickstarter delivers on time, so I can have some halflings under the tree.  Perhaps Savage Rifts and Tales of the Caribbean could follow suit. 

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