Thursday, October 13, 2016

(TBT) The Group at Fred's Lobster Garden

Tomorrow is my 10th wedding anniversary, so I should be focusing on that, but here's a picture of part of the gaming group (with spouses) celebrating at the reception at the classiest of joints in Tioga, PA, Fred's Lobster Garden. 
Front Row:  Nichols, Adam, Allison (Nate's Wife), Nate
Second Row:  Lori-Beth (TOWN's current ex-wife), Angi (Steve's wife)
Third Row:  TOWN (The Other White Nate), Steve, HOYCE!
Seriously, that was the name of the joint.  It was the only place in Tioga County that could hold 150+ plus people and still have a dance floor.  The food was great and the tab for the open bar was the cheapest among any of my friends' weddings, and let's be honest, we all hosted lushfests!

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