Friday, October 14, 2016

Legions of Steel Character Preview

I made a quick jaunt to the FLGS on Wednesday.  After waiting a few weeks for any special orders to come in, the latest Age of Cthulhu supplement arrived.  Twenty-five bucks for a skinny hardcover is a big ouch, with anniversary gifts, birthday presents, and hockey games in our near future, much less the upcoming cons.

As I spied the shelves for other new items, two new figures caught my eye in the painted minis display case.

My two figures I had handed off to Triple P Painting were sitting in there, and they didn't look too shabby at all!
UNE Pioneer  "The Traitor Jacobson"

UNE Behemoth  Lt Colonel Brian Woolever
They'll be sitting in the case at Evolution for awhile.   Since I used a gift certificate for the work, it makes sense to me to let them sit there and sell his services for a bit.

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  1. Very nice! Hope you will get in a Legions of Steel game (with a detailed AAR of course!) soon.