Tuesday, January 24, 2017

(Sci-Fi) #4 At the Corner of Air Base Alamo

When we last left our Blue Martians scout, a few survivors had emerged from the snow covered mountains and were heading towards the landing pad in the desert to rendezvous with their ship.

The three lucky ones, Gronk, Amphibious, and Gibbles crossed to the desert and reached the abandoned site.   A little tinkering with the comm unit allowed them to contact their ship and await their arrival. 

(L to R:  Commander Gronk, Gibbles, and Amphibious)

Unfortunately, the same communication was intercepted and distributed to security bots only a few steps behind them. 

There weren't many places to hold off the patrol.  Gibbles to the high ground with his LasRifle, while the other two hid behind some ancient sandbags for some gritty mortal combat.
The Security Bots come within range.

"Nothing yet, they can hide quite well."

As the bots worked through the rough terrain, a single sizzling sound crackled through the air, and one bot collapsed headless onto the ground.


The Blue Martians erupted out of their hard cover with a barrage of laser blasts and large caliber bullets.   Alas, beyond that first shot, they couldn't hit the rocks in the desert, much less the machines hiding behind them. 

The bots hunkered down behind the rocks and tried a few ineffective pot shots.  Despite their superior numbers, they couldn't touch their prey from that range.

After two rounds of calculating, the bots got their order to charge.  This completely took the Blue Martians by surprise, as both Gronk and Amphibious stood flat-footed towards the assault.  Both took two blaster shots to the chests.

Bots swarm the position unabated. 
Gibbles' keys to survival were his cowardly instinct, making the arrival roll for their spaceship, and winning the last round of initiative.   He dashed downstairs and firing wildly at the bots.
Gibbles makes a break for it.

He barely made it up the steps to the pad, ripe for the picking, as the Martian gunship hovered over him and unleashed it's guns onto the bots. 
Say hello to my little friend....
The Blue Martian jumped into the lower hatch and the ship flew off, out of the atmosphere. 

I understand if you, the dear reader, is in complete shock.  TWO different storylines completed within the same week!  

The sci-fi game was always going to be a mini-campaign, teaching Maja the effective use of cover and reigniting my affectation for Legions of Steel.  Compared to Heroclix and Savage Showdown, it's deathly realistic, hence why one little Martian managed to escape.  I'll leave LOS for the boardgame version, and once we get some more projects off the to-do list, I hope to investigate Rogue Stars.

Coming Up for February and March: (Painting)  Some new figures for "Volume 2" of the Pulp Game (Games) Ninja Turtles and Green Army Men  (Writing) A few reviews and perhaps the much forgotten "Octonauts" RPG.  And more Gnome projects than I've had for quite some time.

As with many (most) of my games, this one was heavily influenced by Preacher by Day.

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