Thursday, March 23, 2017

(Savage Lost) #2.5 - It Was Dreadful in the Swamp

After securing a perimeter around their campsite, and coming face to face with one of the "blue monkey men," our heroes decided to further venture together further into the jungles of this strange land. 

Working their way downhill, they noticed a head of one of the long-necked plant-eating dinosaurs peaking out above the treeline.  Going closer for a better look, they stumbled upon the long-forgotten bones of creature... a giant humanoid!

Good thing I brought a camera, or else no one would believe us!

The swamps, chips mark locations to search.....

Our heroes (L-R) Kacey Barbara, Lord Cuppenbrush, and Maja Millie.
On the other end of the swamp, the hunting party of the Akala (blue monkey men) entered.  Still looking for the ugly, pale-faced ape men, food was a bigger concern...

The Akala enter.
Kacey Barbara got near the first pool, and two strange frog/fish men armed with tridents, emerged from the water.  Kacey could hear voices inside her head.

"Leave quickly, for our Master is coming.."

Blauen, the lone member who encountered the heroes, scouted around the second pool with the dinosaur in it, lazily munching on the surrounding trees.  A voice penetrated his mind...

"Foolissshhhhh creature... Turn back beyond the sssstones to ssssafety.."

A legendary serpent man!  Bedecked in all the clothes of his station!

Blauen made his rolls and chose to ignore the reptile's warnings...

The Akala decided to capture the dinosaur, climbing all over the beast.  The dinosaur bucked twice, thrashing its tail three more times, until it was free of the blue pests.  One of the splashed into the pool.

The mixture of another strange race and telepathy froze Barbara is fear, as a giant, hideious reptiliad creature burst out of the pool.  With a mighty swipe, the photographer was knocked high in the air.  If not for the soft, marshy ground, she may have been knocked unconscious.  Lucky for her, she soaked the damage with her lone Benny

The Akala eluded the tail of the dinosaur and successfully chased it out of the pool.

Get along little Dino!
Barbara dashed by the shotgun-toting Englishman, grabbed the had of Maja Millie, and the town headed back to towards camp... quickly.

Lord Cuppenbrush leveled his shotgun and fired at the monstrosity, taking a huge chunk of flesh out of it.  The "Master" let out a howl of pain, but continued its charge.   Barely parrying the first claw with his shotgun, the second clobbered Cuppenbrush in the shoulder and the adventurer went flying over some rocks (using up all his Bennies to soak the massive damage).

The Akala might be easily distracted, but they had laser-like focus on wrangling the dinosaur, going so far as to ignore the giant, mystical gemstone lodged into the ground.  They had dinner for the whole tribe coming right up!
Hunger trumps gemstones...
Lord Cuppenbrush scrambled back up and fired another grazing shot at the "Master."  To his surprise, the beast took a few more steps forward and froze, terrified of a strange sigil carved into a nearby rock.  A third shot seemed to barely scratch the creature, but it began to retreat back into the marshland. 

This valley surprised the English nobleman in a different way each day. 
It was the second session were Millie (age 6) gleefully took control of the Akala and decided to do her own thing.  Preoccupied with the dinosaur, they did succeed at seizing one objective and ignoring a second, while chasing their prey.  The Akala village will eat well tonight. 

For our heroes under Maja (age 7), the initiative cards were not in their favor, as the stood flat-footed as Father Dagon (The Master) got a joker. The group will need to perform some more heroics for more Bennies as they attempt to explore a different part of the jungle. 

The initial set-up was inspired by "Swamp Things" by Preacher by Day....  The rest of the game devolved at its own natural pace.

Next: Episode #2.6: A Procession!

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