Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Santa Claus vs the Nazis

Sometimes the pictures that I want to use just don't come out right, like the Christmas Comes to Schlegel's Ferry game:
A Bumble, a Killer Snowman, and a Gnome Driving a Tractor.  Fantastic!
Sometimes I just drop the ball and completely miss an extravaganza beyond compare. From Cold Wars, I present: Santa Claus vs the Nazis.

Gnomes... err.. Elves and Teddy Bears working side-by-side, and a drunken nutcracker
This is my dream Christmas game, only turned up to 11 and hooked in Speed. This is a better world where Teddy Bears and gnomes, errr, elves frolic and play together and Christmas village buildings have a better life. Where Weird War 2 Nazis are just called Nazis.

My ideal Christmas game.  Makes me want to start hitting yard sales for Christmas buildings now.
Thanks to One More Gaming Project and the HAWKS for running this one!

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