Thursday, March 7, 2013

(Stat Crunch) Dead Reckonings

It's been awhile, but with a sliver of free time, I decided to do another skill breakdown of a collection of Call of Cthulhu scenarios.  This time, I worked on Dead Reckonings.  There are three self-contained scenarios in the book, all situated in Arkham.

I always thought the first scenario, "Dust to Dust" was the best, with "Dark Rivals" second and "Behold the Mother," just a big hot mess.   Since I ran the first scenario (and it was an utter disaster), I figured I needed to see what issues it had, beyond the investigators making up their own red herrings.
Dust to Dust
Chemistry x2
Credit Rating
Cthulhu Mythos x2
Latin x2
Law x4
Library Use x6
Listen x5
Lockpicking x3
Persuade x2
Occult x7
Psychology x5
Spot Hidden x4

Potential Max Sanity Loss 12-101
Potential Max Sanity Reward 12-48
Max Cthulhu Mythos:  0%

The Max San Loss is if the Investigators are very curious, and VERY unlucky.  Unfortunately, I have to chalk up the scenarios failure in our campaign to player apathy.  Outside of LAW, the investigators are well versed in the other skills, and there are no "must make" rolls.
Dark Rivals
Cthulhu Mythos x3
Dodge x2
Law x2
Library Use
Listen x4
Mechanical Repair
Medicine x2
Occult x2
Persuade x7
Psychology x3
Spot Hidden x15

Potential Max Sanity Loss 8-42
Potential Max Sanity Reward  4-20
Max Cthulhu Mythos 0%

There are crime scene investigations and a "hidden" element in the town, so a ridiculous amount of Spot Hiddens make sense.

Behold the Mother
Art: Sing
Biology x2
Credit Rating
Cthulhu Mythos
Drive Auto x2
Natural History x3
Occult x3
Persuade x2
Psychology x8
Spot Hidden x5

Potential Max SAN loss  9-163
Potential Max SAN gain  3-26
Max Cthulhu Mythos +14%

Finally a scenario with Cthulhu Mythos gain!   The murder investigation feels so long and winding, and then *WHAM!*, massive SAN loss!  Lots of Psychology rolls because everyone is hiding something....

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