Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Michael Lung Gallery #16

Cold Wars is mere days away, and contrary to some thoughts, Mike isn't bringing another *new* surprise.  Sure, he'll bring a big surprise or two, but it won't have the effect of the original Znombie attack, or the cannibal gnomes. 

He has been painting up a good deal of the newer German znombies.  Although I'm quite proficient in Gnome History about the Battle of Tanga, Mike keeps rambling about government conspiracies, dimensional portals to other worlds, Venusian flus, and dinosaurs, but I just think he's run himself ragged and deserves a tasty adult beverage at the Lancaster Host. 

But as my wife tells me everyday, I can be wrong.  If I am, I would advise those participating in the Gnome Wars Mega-Game this weekend to tread VERY lightly.  And if someone else fails to do so, kill the Znombies, then kill the guilty party.  THAT, I know, is historically accurate.

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