Monday, June 8, 2015

Another Five Year Plan... to Plan the Next Five Year Plan

This past weekend was simply beautiful.  A great time to be outside, grill some food, and with the wife working both days, a great time to get some gaming done with with the kids.

Nothing got done

My buddy Nichols even texted me from out of the blue among wanting to play some Mordheim, of all things.

I didn't respond back.

I'm a huge fan of funk, but not this type.    The sinus issues with the dry hacking cough isn't allergies, but it's draining me like them.  To be perfectly upfront, I got hit with a quick sneezing fit that was allergies, and I felt energized enough to do all the yard work for the front yard.

It could be these two little monsters, Myron and Mrya, three week old puppies.

 I remember saying no to these guys, but after much pestering, I caved and now we have puppy bottle feeding to add to the schedule.  The good news is that they started "Puppy Gruel" so the flash backs of feeding human babies (and kitten babies back around 2011) should subside.

I don't know exactly what's going on, but a one-day staycation this week might be in order.   There's a Chuck-E-Cheese birthday party Friday night, so that might be a good day to do it.

Regardless, I need to get some of these gaming thoughts and plans into action, so here's the big to-do list, in order of importance, that will help me bust this melancholy away.

  1. The Treasure Game - The heck with the skirmish game relating to Egyptian treasures, let's cover the acquisition of the treasure.  I'll base it right off the generic gnome game from Cold Wars.  
  2. The First Skirmish Game  -  I've dickered enough with this.  I need to get the trucks painted olive drab (possibly for the Treasure Game as well) and damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead.
  3. Operation:  Tommy Lee Jones - A certain gaming meme pissed me off, I plan on addressing it with a far more playable character concept than the meme complained about.
  4. Operation:  Tom Jones - Thanks to the latest Ken and Robin Talk About Stuff, I've dusted off an old concept for CoC with a modern twist.   Of course, I also released that Pelgrane Press covered a version of the concept in a Trail of Cthulhu product, so I'm pondering ordering or downloading the book for some inspiration.  This might be a nice Friday night event at Mepacon this Fall (sans children) and run kid gnome games for the remainder of Saturday (following current Poll results, don't forget to vote!).
  5. Still painting Battlemech
  6. Still trying to organize something around GenCon for the Car Wars Food Truck Invitational .  Need to design food trucks and find out if anyone wants to play portly gamer pedestrians.
  7. Gotta call Brian.  Maybe not Mordheim, but at least to go over his new character.  
  8. Gotta contact Emerald Vale and see if they want me run a game for Free RPG Day.
  9. Gotta find my copy of Kobolds Ate My Baby, in case they do want me to run a game.
  10. Gotta get a date set to continue playing Masks.
  11. Go through the Reaper website with Maja so we can place an order this Friday so I can get the ReaperCon Mousling Mecha and enough stuff she can paint to get free shipping.
  12. Finish the Thirty Beers Wars write-up
  13. Start the Ameri-Bear Revolution 
  14. Outline the a study of gnomes in America, along with suggestions for the troop types.
  15. Wipe out enough drafts on the blog (currently at 70) to build placeholder drafts for all the other nationalities.
  16. Outline the Ham Fighter Rebellion 
  17. Paint stuff.  
  18. Play more games!
  19. Try to snag a Mousling Mecha off of eBay (already out of stock at Reaper.  No surprise there).


  1. Didn't see Space Gnome RPG or miniatures game on the list?

    Is Ameri-Bear Revolution the same as Ambearican Revolution? If so, Awesome decision!! :)

  2. Gnomish Space Marines are on hiatus. Still have all my notes, but it's very low on my current priorities.

    Operation: Tommy Lee Jones has given me a happy return to the complexity I was missing and that might keep me through the summer.

    I'll post a picture of the workbench, the sci-fi stuff (non-Battletech) isn't even in the picture right now.