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Coc #28: Masks of Nyarlathotep #8 Beware the Zionist Conspiracy

March 22, 1925
Given word by the Crown that they are no longer welcome in the United Kingdom, our intrepid group of investigators packed up whatever they could and headed to Southampton to depart for Cairo.

Doctor Bob Wintermute   - Professor of History, Miskatonic University
Anthony Parks -  Graduate Assistant, Miskatonic University
Yaleshia   -  Former Belly Dancer at the Blue Pyramid, helped investigators, got deported back to Egypt
Doc Nathaniel Millheim (Run as NPC Investigator)  - Parapsychologist and Author
Professor Steven O'Hara (Run as NPC Investigator) - Physics Professor and Daredevil
Joshua Wanisko (Run as NPC Investigator)   - Chemical Engineer/Stranger in a Strange Land

March 25, 1925
Arrived in Port Said.  Bob immediately dove into the crowds to buy pistols via the black market!

March 26, 1925
Arrived at the Cairo Ritz, thanks to Joshua's benefactor/employer, Richard Carrington.

March 27, 1925
Bob sent Parks to research expedition documentation. Despite a background in Archeology, Parks couldn't even find a good place to start researching.  A well-dressed eldery Egyptian man offered to assist, but Parks spouted off a series of racial epithats at the gentleman.  The gentleman suggests that Parks have his Professor come the next day and he would arrange a qualified museum staff member to help. 

March 28, 1925
Egyptian Museum - Day Two  - Wintermute came back with Parks and met with/apologized to the curator, Dr Ali Kafour, the same older man that Parks belittled the day before.  In private, Parks admitted that he is wildy racist!!!   He blamed the ineptness of the peoples of the Ottoman Empire on the Zionist Conspiracy.

Some progress was made in assembling the pieces of the Carlysle Expedition.   Wintermute talked to contacts for hiring bodyguards.  Some of the paperwork doesn't match up to what actually occured, but they realized that they also needed to look for the expedition's main contact in Egypt, a French national by the name of Warren Besart.  After the expedition, he appeared to have dropped off the face of the Earth, but the French Embassy should have some sort of tabs on him.  

Bob, not learning his lesson at the museum, sent Parks, who apparently did not hate just the lesser races, but the French as well, and was roughly tossed out of the Embassy.

March 29, 1925
Egyptian Museum - Day Three - More remnants of the expedition unearthed.  With barely a trace of artifiacts coming from the dig sites, it was certain that Carlysle and Company were not serious... about artifacts.

The belly dancer went to the French embassy and was horribly stymied by a female or possibly gay staff member and was turned away from research.

March 30, 1925
Bob met the three mercenaries,  A German named Wilhelm, a Frenchman named Francois, and an American named Claude,  Wintermute took first trip to three dig sites only to be turned away by heavily armed men.  Some very official paperwork was required to enter the sites.

March 31, 1925
Bob undertook an expedition to one of the Carlysle dig site with Parks, Yaleshia, Wilhelm and Claude.  Apparently Francois bailed on them!   After driving out in a car an a truck to the site, they set up camp, and spent the night drinking and bullshitting.  They were smart enough to set up a watch to let the others work off their booze.

That night, Parks fell asleep during the watch, only to be awoken by the sight of his own blood and a man fumbly around with his body.   A bloody Parks began kicking a cultist, or at least an angry Egyptian, alerting Bob and the bodyguards, who took out the pair of natives near the tent, only to discover three more with rifles atop a sand dune.  Weapons fire was meagerly exchanged.

Yaleshia, armed only with a pistol, thought it smart to slide under the tent on the far side from the commotion and head for the trucks.   An expert shot from the barrel of a waiting cultist pierced her heart and her body cascaded into a heap on the sand.

A battered and bleeding Parks took a glancing shot which dropped him face-first of the sand.

Doctor Bob decided that this was the best time to cast his new spell "Contact Winged Terror from Beyond."  Crawling out just enough from underneath the tent to see the dune, he began casting, and for a split second he could see a large conical mass of flesh with multiple arms flailing about... before he blacked out.

April 1, 1925
Wintermute awoke in a barren expanse of sand.  After getting his bearings, he realized that he was still at the campsite, but nothing else remained, save the one car, turned on its side.  A large swirling trail leaded down the dune, through the camp,and ultimarely disappearing 200 yds past the vehicle. He was badly sunburned on his exposed flesh from his time passed Bob drained the radiator for some water and built a make-shift shelter to wait out the day to flip the car upright in the evening, start it and return to Cairo.  He returns late that night to the Ritz with Joshaua, Nathaniel, Steven... and Francois at the bar.  Francois immediately tries to excuse himself "You did not give me enough time to finish...

"You're fired"  and then Bob slugged Francois, dropping him to one knee.

With half the group no-shows, we decided to keep them in the safety of the Ritz, and only use them as needed.

One snafu to the plan was, with Nate not available, no one else could get through his copious amounts of notes regarding Egyptian leads and they prodded in their own direction.   

The cultist critically failed his knife roll to kill Parks, and only made a bloody mess out of him. Another cultist impaled their Rifle shot and Yaleshia had no chance.

Next:  Episode #9 - "Why Bob Should Not Have Punched Francois"

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