Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Scavengers Update

In the midst of my strange rant about Chaosium, Kickstarter, and idiots in general, I mentioned how the Scavengers RPG was running behind, but they were getting the final ducks in a row, and communication had been pretty good.

Lo' and behold, what showed up yesterday afternoon, but an update.  Outside of finalizing the commission of the cover (a little late, no?) everything is progressing nicely. 

They did provide some more color interior art.  This one is my favorite:
It's so everydayman...  Actually it's looks like Mom and Dad scavenging with kids. I like that. 

They also provided a demo copy of the character sheet. 
Click to Enlarge
Between this and the rough draft of the rules provided, I feel very comfortable running a game with the family be it Scavengers, or using the dynamics for a "Sea Ranger" game that won't infringe on copyrights.   

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