Tuesday, June 30, 2015

The Steve O'Hara Gallery #1

Since the name of the blog is Gaming with the Gnomies, it's foolish for me not to mention some Gnome Wars awesomeness, especially when it's my friend and former college roommate Steve.
I've gamed with Steve through college, through both Hackmaster campaigns post-college, and he's been with my Call of Cthulhu campaign since session two. 
Possibly even more impressive than that is he has been one of the consistent members of the "Man's Weekend" (aka Cold Wars)  and while he hasn't accumulated armies of mass destruction, he has picked up a good-sized collection of gnomes.
And now they're painted... 
German Peasant Infantry, Bier Stein Grenadier, and Rifleman

Russian Priest

Santa and a Mummy


French Soldiers
 Outside of some practice with the eyes, the minis are simply awesome and rival most of those who bring their own armies to a GW game at an HMGS con.   I failed to get specific pictures of them, but the French packs looking worn and weathered and the toys in Santa's bad are particularly top notch or beyond.

While Steve didn't paint this one himself, this is a T-Rex skull from Windsword Accessories , the same place the I got the Egyptian accessories.

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  1. Beautiful and so cute minis, well done sir, excellent job!