Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Old Glory Dwarf Britania

I'm always searching for alternative gnomes to fight all four corners of the globe and I believe I found another batch.

Dwarf Britannia is listed on the Old Glorys 25s website (not oldgloryminiatures website, as if multiple Old Glorys wasn't confusing enough.


Between the paint jobs, the proportions, and the fact that it's Old Glory , I'm assuming these guys are 20-22mm. There's few pictures of these figs online, but they do appear to be at least a head shorter.
Way too short to mix it up with a traditional Gnome Wars unit.  There is, however, a good option if you wish to play Zulus and don't mind Pygmy Zulus.   At $1.75 per mini in the bulk pack, I might not need to use chicks for each Zulu War Battle.


  1. Ha ha! My 1st viewed painted mini this morning while sipping a cup of hot coffee is your mounted Ostrich rider! What a great sculpt and paint job! Hoorah!

  2. Although I haven't ordered any of these, I think the Darke Lands range from Wessex would work well with these...particularly like their Gnome Bores and Dwarven Schutzetruppen.

    Wessex site
    Darke Lands figs page