Friday, June 1, 2018

(Painting) Colonel Wolfgang von Klockenspiel

First off, I've received fan mail... from multiple sources!  There are multiple requests to return to the gnomes... or anything similar, for that matter.  I can assure everyone, pointy hats, stinky cheese, and perhaps a mouse or two will be making appearances soon.  I'm just trying to get through this backlog of D&D on my mind, and Colonial/Pulp figures on my painting bench.

Speaking of Pulp Figures, I got a whopping one figure done this week.  Colonel Klockenspiel made a half-finished appearance in the latest pulp game we played, and after great consternation (and an hour of piece and quiet in the basement for cleaning and painting), one of my Schutztruppe are finally finished. 
From Pulp Figures PGS 16 German Colonial Officers and NCOs
The other 19 that have taunted me from my painting bench are *so close* to being completed.  Largely hats, highlights, and details, and I would like nothing more than to move them off the queue, followed by the Eureka Arab Civilians, then the Arab Revolt figures...  Perhaps then I can work on the thirty other distractions on the bench... or the Aussie Gnome Kangaroo Cav (I finally have the right size bases).

Otherwise, it's been real world distractions, or my focus to finish the infernal Ballad of the Pigeon God.  The final episodes continue to splinter into so much extra material that what started as fifty and progressed passed sixty posts, is now scheduled to stop in September with #75.

And while recollecting a twenty year old campaign with half-decent prose is hard enough. the third to last episode is a "Where are they now" format for NPCs and lesser PCs that didn't make the cut the first time I wrapped up the campaign.  The problem is I continue to flesh out what happened over the next few decades before the Journey of Mutumbo kicked off.  I'm oddly surprised to say that some of my choices as GM and some of the PCs have caused interesting results I never noticed before.  *Spoilers:  Anybody who dies, stays dead*  Just that some choices people in positions of power make in the heat of the moment come to bite them in the behind years later (of campaign time). 

So, as my wife attends a wine festival, I'm going to hopefully finish yard work, take the kids to see Solo, and play some games on the back porch.

A man can dream

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  1. Nicely done! I love Pulp Figures, they are so fun.