Monday, June 18, 2018

Father's Day and the Battle of Mirbat

Father's Day isn't so much the crazed holiday of traveling, food, and questionable gifts that it is for a lot of families.  With my wife traditionally working that Sunday, and the kids old enough to fend for themselves without the possibility of imminent death, it's a day of guilty pleasures.

First off, with the pending heat wave and snoring children, I avoided the super-early miss-the-crowd breakfast with the kids and ventured downstairs and painted without interruption.    Of course, I'm still not done with the infernal Schutztruppe that have haunted me the last few months.  Just some details on the hats and some static grass and I'm done, but who knows when I'll get a chance to go downstairs this week.

After the pitter-patter, I mean *thump thump * of feet, we had breakfast, watched the end of the last season of Flash on Netflix, and shot some hoops before it got too hot.

But it's Father's Day, so there's always a game.

With my wife coming home early, I gave the girls a choice between two games:  the next episode of our Pulp "Egypt" game or just a fun game with "army men."

They chose army men, so the crate of green dudes and worn out shoebox houses came out.

The next army guy game from my backlog of blog ideas was the Battle of Mirbat, pulled from an old issue of Wargames Illustrated.  The map provided looked to be played in smaller than 15mm, certainly not 54mm.  And the author didn't anticipate us playing with Burning Plastic, rules which are going to be 25 years old this year...
The revolutionaries storming the training facility.  
With Millie in charge of the revolutionary horde, Maja took charge of the British, we not only reacted swiftly to the attack, but charged out of the their blockhouse in brazen fashion!
Burning Plastic is Offensive dice vs Defensive Dice for a dice chucking frenzy kids (and most grown adults) love.  And as the too sides converged, Defensive was winning the day.

The British finally  took care of the revolutionaries stalled by the barbed wire, but Maja could not successfully roll for her heavy reinforcements (a machine gun, mortar, and air support after turn 3) were not.   Millie, realizing her reinforcements were literally "grab a handful of guys from the box and line them up at the table edge"  so politely asked "Daddy, if all my guys work together, can we tear down all the barbed wire? 

With no resistance on the other flank, I gave them a full turn without any actions would open the barbed wire wide-open for the hordes behind. 
The Barbed Wire Falls....
Maja's reinforcements from the beach finally worked their way up and held their own (she actually used cover for some of them!).

With revolutionaries finally pouring into the base, Maja finally rolled for her mortar and decimated the first wave, taking a few of her defenders with them!

Millie moved her right flank onto a nearby building to set up snipers for the mortar (also on a roof), as well as a flaming pegasus statue the British stole from the people (it's not in the WI article or Wikipedia, but my girls insist it's true!)

The problem for both sides was that the machine gun team finally appeared and walked outside to a firefight.  The soldiers with the machine gun were killed and the rest traded gunshots and grenades with the revolutionaries on the roof...
The chaos of that firefight barely muffled the sound of an incoming aircraft that strafed the remaining revolutionaries.
*takka takka takka takka BOOM!*
With the encroaching forces at the base of the building, the revolutionaries took well aimed shots at the mortar (and the sacred statue).  Rolling 2d6 on the attack, Millie chucked some dice on her three shots


With rolls that good, the mortar team had a catastrophic event.  And the statue was destroyed.

Just enough time to clean up, put everything away, and have our mandatory tea party, now with peanut butter cupcakes!

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