Friday, June 22, 2018

(Painting) German East African Schutztruppe

It's done.  

After gnashing of teeth, wringing of hands, and inhalation of sealant fumes, my German Schutztruppe are done.

It's been forever since I placed an order for these from Pulp Figures

Three packs German Colonial Rifles (PGS15) and an accompanying pack of German Colonial Officers and NCOs (PGS16) later, and there are 20 Colonial Germans ready to wreck havoc on whatever I paint next.

With so many varieties and combinations of uniforms, I stuck with East African Südwester colors, although most WWI and "alt-history Pulp" Germans would be wearing tropical hats.  

They may see some action in the "Pulp Egypt" game.  If I've allowed gnomes, elves, and the supernatural in it, some German influence on the undefined map couldn't be that unusual.  
Worst case, they'll be incorrectly dressed Germans in a "what-if" Second Samoan Civil War Scenario where the Germans actually get active during the hostilities.  

I do have the two machine gun team to paint up, but their pretty far back in the queue.  

Next in the Queue:  The Arabs (Civilians and Revolt) take over the role of 800-pound gorilla on the painting bench, but I'd like to refurbish some dinged-up Samoans and possibly visit some 6mm powered infantry from the New Transnitrian Scientific Republic.

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