Saturday, June 30, 2018

(Painting) More Gnomes and a Random Crate

When I was a little kid, the big family vacation was a 12-hour drive to visit my cousins in Maine, and despite knowing that we would be waking up to leave at 4am, I would stare at the ceiling of my room well past midnight, with anticipation for the trip.  

Our extended weekend to Wellsboro (and the torrential rains outside), woke me up way too early and I ventured down to the basement to check for water and finish up a few random things on the bench.  Both ended up as positives. 

I believe these are the last two German Gnomes to be painted in the "Die FleiderAffes" (Flying Monkeys) paint scheme.  Moving onto more Leinenkugel and Yuengling themed units.  
The tiny crate between them was part of a vignette of a space dwarf sitting on a crate from the Alpine Dwarf Kickstarter.  The dwarf was retrained as a pilot for a future project and the crate will see life in the Pulp game. 

Next: Arabs of all shapes and sizes are still on the bench, OGRE infantry, and I continue to ponder what figures in the lead pile to lay out if I ever do #30Days30Miniatures

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