Monday, June 11, 2018

Rainy Days and Finales Always Get Me Down

You would expect a lot more productivity from a half-sunny/half-rainy weekend, yet all my accomplishments are "real-world" and not gaming related. 

I came into the weekend looking at putting paint on figures, putting figures on the table, and maybe grabbing some family fun.  But alas, the closest I got to my painting bench was installing new fluorescent bulbs over it. Definitely much better lighting than six bulbs were burnt out, but I'm still interested in an adjustable desk lamp to keep these aging eyes going.

My biggest accomplishment was taking the early hours of Saturday morning and finishing the last episode of Ballad of the Pigeon God.   Seventy-six episodes, starting from April 4, 2017, and running every Tuesday morning until September 18th this Fall have been a joyful chore.  The realist in me knows that the Pigeon God can't be finished until the last episode posts.  Episode #62, posting this Tuesday, was still rife with major errors when I reviewed it on Saturday, and I'm sure I'll want to add some more commentary in the DM Notes as the campaign reaches it's climax. 

As I've mentioned before, something RPG/D&D related will fill the Tuesday slot.  The Lost Dispatches is slowly getting developed, and I'd love a little more gameplay before Adventures in Gulluvia or the first special episodes of Trogs Redux sees the light of day. 

Otherwise, things are staying busy.  I've passed on a number of Kickstarters so I can spend more in the pledge manager of Scenic Grass and Tufts and the Pelegian Sapper.  Past that, other than getting an SRD copy of the new edition of Arcanum, I'm letting things progress slowly. 

Even podcast-wise, I'm in the doldrums.  Ken and Robin haven't piqued my interest, outside of their convention broadcasts, Happy Jacks have been 2-hour snoozefests, and even my military history and Savage World podcasts have been swings and misses. 

Even the Campaign Podcast, which had been on a short hiatus, came back to announce that the two minds who had helped develop the One-Shot Network into the cool, indie, improv RPG podcasts that they had were splitting up, and one was leaving the network.  Of course, it's the GM for Campaign that's leaving, which leaves us with 90+ episodes after the short backlog is complete, and a possibly different format for the future. 

I got a full day of conference calls for four different projects at work tomorrow, followed by grass cutting, and my online 5e game.  We will get some progress on the wargame/painting/gnome front shortly.

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