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CoC #27 Masks of Nyarlathotep #7 The Aftermath of Misr House

When we last left our investigators, they infiltrated an estate and ran afoul in plenty of directions.  The resolution of their actions would be almost as convoluted.

March 15, 1925, 3am
Chief Inspector James Barrington, Egyptologist Randall Ward, and American grad assistant Anthony Parks all tried to walk out the front gate of the estate. only to be accosted by... Inspector Daniel Bragan of Scotland Yard?   It appeared that Barrington's trusted associates, who had commandeered the group cars to stake out the truck at the Blue Pyramid Club weren't as trusted as originally thought.  Knowing that Barrington's requests were far above anything previously asked of them, and watching Barrington slide into a mania over the "Egyptian Murders," they decided to tail the detectives tailing the truck.  They stashed their vehicles and stopped the delivery truck when it tried to leave the estate.  An Egyptian driving a truck full of drugged and bound English citizens was enough to take further steps.

The rowboat containing Professor Steven O'Hara (Columbia) and parapsychologist Nathaniel Millheim was discovered on the rocks on low tide nearby.  They were detained as well, but their hypothermia forced medical attention, and they were transported to the nearest hospital.

A bewildered but otherwise serene Joshua Wanisko was found near the obelisk, surrounded by a number of shackled Egyptians in various states of dying or succumbing to madness.  The inspectors quickly rounded up any able bodied Egyptians running around the estate.

While Barrington and Ward had found the priest hole, the Scotland Yard detectives found a different secret passage on the other side of the fireplace.  Some sort of twisted workshop lay beneath and a number of cells with beaten prisoners

March 16, 1925
All investigators are questioned.  Steven leads the group through the worst of it, claiming depravity from the Egyptians and not mentioning a hint of the Mythos.  Ward proves quite troublesome to Scotland Yard, as his memories of the past two months seemed to have vanished.

March 17, 1925
Professor Bob Wintermute (Miskatonic) arrived at the hospital.  Bob was found, staring off into the waves, by a fisherman  and he took Wintermute to a village doctor, who after two days, got him to the main hospital, where the others were.  The small yacht he was "sailing" in was property of Mr Edward Gavigan.

Later that day, the mutilated corpse of Gavigan was found near obelisk, in a spot within plain view of multiple Scotland Yard officials from the moment they had reach the estate days before.

March 19, 1925
The investigators were released, but not before being questioned a second time.  Barrington was told that his "wild tendencies" based on his cohort's testimony will force him to retire early, or be summarily fired.  Barrington is given enough respect from his peers to learn ahead of the papers that some of the prisoners in the cells implicated Gavigan specifically, and an investigation of the Penhew Foundation found hundreds of artifacts and relics which were obtained illegally. 

Wintermute also discovered that Scotland Yard contacted Miskatonic Univeristy, and asked many questions regarding their professor.  Magically, his line of credit associated with his house, was destroyed. 

March 20, 1925
The investigators are given 48 hours to leave England, even though their friend Brian Nichols was still missing and, if alive, presumably roaming the streets of SoHo in the rain.   They sent a quick wire to Jonah Kensington at Prospero Press, letting him know that there was great progress in the books both Wintermute and Millheim were writing.  Kensington replied with great encouragement, but no financial support.

March 21, 1925
Joshua wired Richard Carrington, wealthy chemical manufacturer (and his employer).  Upon receiving his telegram and arranging a call from the States, Carrington became very interested in assisting the group and opened up his own line of credit to them, using Josh as a primary contact.

They group is off to Egypt, even though they could be missing HUGE pieces of the puzzle.

After trying to use Joshua as a victim of a horrible predicament last session, I attempted to use his connections in a positive light.  Carrington was set up as a wealthy patron back in Suffer Little Children, but all the investigators from that session have either gone mad or into semi-permanent retirement.  I had set up Joshua as an employee for Carrington Industrials because it fit his profession, and it would be an interesting connection to the other characters to say the least.  

They decided to shelve Barrington and let him live his dishonored retirement.    Despite pondering calling in the Greek archaeologist or the infamous Turkish librarian, Brian settled on playing Yaleshia, the belly dancer, for the next session.  She too would be fearing for her life, possibly looking to escape England. Plus it would be good to have at least one character who spoke Arabic as they journeyed to Egypt.

Our Investigators travel to Egypt... or something like this.
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