Tuesday, May 19, 2015

What Should I Run for Mepacon Fall 2015

So, a mess of work and family functions forced me to first cut short my visit to Mepacon Spring 2015
and ultimately cancel what little I could get to.

The Fall version of the convention will not suffer the same fate!   My assistant is already scheduled to work the weekend and I've scrapped any chance to visit Fall-In! the weekend prior.

While I haven't talked over anything with the con staff, let me assume that I will be working inside the Kid's Track for convention events.  Sure, grown-ups can play too, but there's a large contingent of 7-12 year-olds that need to be placated less than the adult Magic or 40K tourney players.   This also allows me to bring my eldest daughter, Maja, to her third convention, and keep an eye on her at the same time.

The last piece of the puzzle.  The theme for the convention is Star Wars. 

Let's figure out what I should run!

Star Wars RPG Jr (West End d6) - "Where's Lando"  An even simpler version of d6, perfect for ages 6 and up.   Pre-ESB Cloud City.  Bounty hunters have arrived and are tearing up the joint.  Who are they looking for?  And where's Lando?   Six Players

Star Wars RPG Jr (West End d6) -  "Attack of the Droids (Working Title)"   A droid army has attacked Cloud City!   Can a bunch of kids find the secret base and stop them where the adults could not?  Six Players

Gnome Wars -  Battlerama  - I've run Gnome Wars plenty of times at the con, both historical and non.  The non-historical games always get players, despite the fact that both have gnomes on the board.

Gnome Wars - The Battle of Yellowstone -  I've run this at Fall-In!  with great success.  The game covers the US Cavalry's management of Yellowstone National Park from  1886 until 1918.  Not only does it handle ten players, but each player's faction runs a solitaire sub-game to keep them busy.

T.I.A.R.A - The Search for the Tiara of Ninja Awesomesauce! -  T.I.A.R.A. has been a very fluid set of rules I've used with the girls over the last four years to cover role-playing.   It's a great "yes" system that will allow for some crazy mixture of Disney Princesses, Warhammer goblins, ninja turtles, and perhaps a few Samoans in a magic-fueled Pulp game, or even an ongoing story throughout Friday and Saturday. 

If I decide to avoid the kids track, let's try something different:

Contemptible Little Armies -  Second Samaon Civil War:  I've run this at Cold Wars satisfactorily.    British, American, and Samoan Royalists versus Samoan Rebels (and a few fictional German allies for fun)

Diplomacy -   "Terminal Velocity" Diplomacy  with each round getting shorter and shorter to fit a four hour time slot. 

Call of Cthulhu - Attack of the Reptile Bikini Women... in 3-D!!!  Fun, B-Movie style CoC mixed with Texas Fried Rock.  Completely stealing this from an issue of Worlds of Cthulhu magazine.

I'm not running playtests of the Gnomish Space Marine RPG.  I need something bigger than running games of my cannibalized homebrew sci-fi system of choice.

And now for something completely different:

Painting Clinic:  How to Paint a "Three Foot" Figure.  The con already has a free paint-and-take and the guys who run it do a good job, but they only have so much time for each person.  This would be open to ages 10 and up and cover how to turn basic block painting into a beautiful figure... from three foot away.  I think I can wrangle some figures for ad space or something close and it would be a great  two hour session.

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